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Visitor's Question:
I just a simple guy. A guy who always try to be away from girls and love.

I fall in love with a girl studying. In fact i never talk to girls but she made a magic on me. I added her on facebook and started chatting with her. Finally i asked her for phone number and she give it to me. We chatting now msg but so much.

Now the matter she said me she never want a boyfriend then i told her i also not in interested in making girlfriend to impress her. Now she never talking for luv and all like that. She is a broad mind girl. She told me we are only friend.

If i tell anything about i love her it can harm our friendship. I want to get closer to her. What i should have to do to make her mine..???

Our Suggestion:
Moving from being friends to being boyfriend-girlfriend is a very common challenge. Just about every relationship moves through this stage. The key is to take it slowly and gently so the transition does not seem "scary". You want it to feel natural and right.

Here are the tips on how to move from being friends to dating -


Take it one step at a time! Start by going somewhere *as friends*. Whether it's a movie, a park, a restaurant, whatever, go there JUST as friends. Take that first step.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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