She's Using Me as an ATM

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Visitor's Question:
I have a young friend in her 20s I am in my 30s. She says she has a bf that she loves because of how he treats her. But she spends all her time with me.

I take her to work and take her home every day when she gets off work we go out to eat and spend few hours together.

I take her everywhere.

I wonder why her bf does not.

I spend money on her all the time.

He does not really spend that much.

So why does she love him and not me?

Our Suggestion:
Wow, she is using you for free food, free prizes, and free transportation. There's no reason for her boyfriend to use up his savings account feeding her or transporting her because you're taking care of all of that stuff.

You're a bank account and they're draining you dry.

Clearly if she loved you she'd choose you as her boyfriend. But she is just keeping you around to buy things for her.

It's time to cut the cord. Find someone who loves you for who you are. Not for your wallet.

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