Does My Female Friend Like Me?

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Visitor's Question:
Hey I'm not sure what to do. I have a friend what I like a lot we have been friends for 3 years now her parents and my parents are really good friends. I don't know if she likes me just more than a friend.

What does it mean when we sit close to each other and I put my leg against hers and she starts to breath heavily, but we don't even hug, but she is the hard to get type.

Our Suggestion:
If she doesn't mind your bodies touching then that is a good sign. There are tons of hormones and emotions rampaging through bodies at your age and half the time even the person feeling the emotions isn't sure what they're feeling. So the key is to take it slow and be a good friend.

Share your dreams with her. Ask her about her dreams. That is all what makes a relationship work, and the more you do those things, the closer you will get.

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