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Visitor's Question:
I'm together with this great guy who I do care about but I'm not sure if it's actual love. I used to have a huge crush on him about a year ago but he was seeing someone else. Two months ago when we started dating, it was him who approached me and I was kind of into another guy back then (who I had been into forever) when it all started. Then we started dating and I just stopped thinking about this other guy.

But now it's getting too hard, my heart races out of my chest when he's around and I really really like him, even though I've tried not to! I don't even feel anything when I'm with my boyfriend.

Is breaking up the only option or is there something else I could do?

Our Suggestion:
It's natural to feel excitement for the unknown. It's also natural to get calm and settled about what we already have. It's a normal part of life. Think of how everyone talks about the excitement of the honeymoon and then the boring part of married life.

You need to get the hang of this or you'll always be jumping out of every relationship into a new one. You'll never be happy, and that would be a sad way to go through life.

Yes, relationships quiet down once they're established. So find ways to keep it interesting. Take up new hobbies. Try new activities. It's not always going to be the hot rush of passion. That's ok. It's about the trust and understanding that lasts.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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