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Visitor's Question:
Me and my bf usually fight on small things which have a drastic effect on our 11 months relationship.

tell me what can i do to stop these fights

Our Suggestion:
Fighting is a sign that something is fairly wrong with the relationship - especially if it keeps flaring up over little things. It's one thing to fight if you catch your boyfriend sleeping with your sister. That's worth a fight. But the small things? That's a sign that you're just unhappy in general.

Sit down and really think about your relationship. Think about all aspects of it. How do you feel about them? I'm guessing that you're unhappy about a number of things but you just never talk about them. And because you don't talk about them, they poke out like lava from a volcano any time there's an irritation.

The way to solve this is to fix the actual problems. Figure out what the biggest issue is and talk about it. Work on it together. Solve it. The more you make progress, the more happy the relationship will be.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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