She is interested in me, I'm not. Should I agree to meet her?

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Visitor's Question:
In my work there is a girl that shows me all the time that she likes me a lot, including taking my hands and pressing her body next to mine.

I am ok with that but I' m not interested in her.

Should I agree to meet her for her company - I've no other friends - or will this only lead to uncomfortable situations?

Our Suggestion:
She's probably quite aware by this point that you're not really interested, given your lack of response. So if you're clear to her that you'd be happy to hang out just as friends, and you don't mind her flirtations, then sure, spend time with her.

Since you don't mind her company, you might be surprised to find that, the more you spend time with her, the more that whatever reservations you have about her body shape / hair color / etc. really don't matter and that she's a nice person to have around.

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