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I really need your help guys because i feel like i'm so confused with what i am feeling right now. it's kinda long but i hope you read it.

So last school year, I met a guy. i know this guy by name but i really don't know him. So it came to the time where we had fun. then suddenly i thought that i already have a crush on him.

months later, we stopped talking and i don't know why. Then someone told me that he knew that i have a crush on him. it feel hurt whenever i see him smile or laugh but i promised myself to let go of him.

Then another school year arrive and again, were classmates. we haven't talk until I send him a message. he replied and were back on being friends but not so close because he already have someone.

It still hurts and i keep on telling myself that i already let go of him. i want to be with him but i can't. i feel hurt when i think of him

please answer my question. i really need it.

Our Suggestion:
It can be really hard to handle a crush. You like someone and you see them every day. You want so much to be with them but they just don't return the feeling, for whatever reason.

You guys are friends - that's great! Most people would give anything to have their crush be friendly with them. So treasure that.

Sure, he has someone for now. But school relationships come and go. They vanish at the blink of an eye. So don't worry about that. Just be his friend. Build that relationship. Be the one he can trust and confide in. The closer you get, the more he'll turn to you when that other relationship sours - which 99% of the time they will.

At the same time, be open to other opportunities. Yes, your crush is great, but there might be someone even more fantastic just a few blocks away. You never know. So don't turn down opportunities to spread your wings.

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