He Likes Me but is Dating Another Girl

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Visitor's Question:
i was in art class one day and my friend tells me she likes this guy.. soon to come that guys starts talkin to me and he says he likes me.. now i went to a dance and he was there and he asked me to go out with him?! but i said no because my friend liked him!

time went on and me and him began to act as if we were going out and he told people we were.. then a week later after all this he IMs me on the computer and says.. i have to tell you something.. and i'm like ok? and hes like i got a girl but she dont live here she lives far away but i still like you A LOT..

so time went on again and we still acted as if we were goin out.. now all his "friends" and my friends said hes a player and all this junk. so lastnight i asked him to pick me or his girlfriend and he picked her because supposedly hes moving back to NYC..

so i have no clue now what to do? and he still tells me he has feelings for me? is it all a lie? or does he mean it?

Our Suggestion:
You seem to act as if each human being is capable of liking one and only one person at a time, as if it's a switch! We are far more complicated than that. He likes this other girl AND he likes you. But the player part is that he has a long distance relationship with the girl in NYC ... but he asked you out!! What was he going to tell the NYC girl when he saw her! What if he got a sexually transmitted disease from you and then gave it to her, or visa versa? Was he just going to keep lying until one of you found out or something bad happened?

It sounds good for you that he picked the other girl, because he was not being honest or faithful to either of you. You deserve someone who loves you and ONLY you and who isn't dreaming about other women when he's away from you.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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