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We have known each other for a year. Only get together seriously into a relationship. One night, he told me he loved me and I told him too. Recently, I asked him if he is in love with me. He said "as to whether I love you. Well I do love been with you, however love does not happen that quickly. In reality it's not that easy see what happens."

What does he means? I'm very confused. What should I do.

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I have lots of information on love here -


it means something different to every human being and even a person's definition of love changes daily. How you feel about any human changes day to day too. So there's no way to carve something in stone and say "this is exactly what love is and exactly what I will always feel about you."

Real love is about accepting someone fully - the bad and good - and working through issues with them. It is about being in a long term commitment. So don't obsess about the feelings of the moment or the words you use. Concentrate on working out issues and talking about problems. If you both are fully 100% dedicated to each other and to taking care of issues, that is really what love is all about.

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