I like her more than she likes me

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Visitor's Question:
i like my girlfriend more than she likes me, and she does not trust me to not cheat on her. i think that it is all because she is scared to get hurt.

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That's a very odd statement, how in the world can you quantify how much a human being loves another human being? There are no emotion-o-meters that can accurately gauge the depths of your feelings. Sure you might SHOW it more than she does, but some people are naturally demonstrative and others aren't! Maybe you SAY it more than she does, but some people say it all the time and don't mean it. Others say it rarely and mean it incredibly powerfully.

You need to realize that how someone feels might be quite different than how they act for all sorts of reasons. If you feel like she isn't SHOWING it to you enough, then help her see that. Tell her. Maybe her family isn't naturally lovey-dovey and yours is. Maybe she is just the quiet type. She can have those feelings inside and not be showing them for thousands of reasons.

The fact that she is jealous about you means she DOES care a lot because people are not jealous over things they don't care about. She is insecure and worried about losing you. I have all sorts of pages on my site about dealing with jealousy and insecurity -help her understand that she needs to trust you, and that trust is the KEY to any relationship. Help her learn to not be jealous. That will really help your relationship with her out a GREAT deal.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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