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Visitor's Question:
I work and live with my boyfriend. there is a girl at work that tries to flirt with my boyfriend. He is clearly not interested, in fact she is the source of comedy at times. however, she recently got in a car accident. and just asked him for a ride home from work. he feels obligated, so i said, I'd drop off my car at lunch. and we could ride home together, and take her home on the way. i did it because i didn't want her thinking she could get my boyfriend alone!! Who knows what scheme she's put together to seduce, him... She's super forward. She doesn't know i am coming...How do I let her know to stop trying with him.

Our Suggestion:
There are always girls who will chase after 'ideal target' guys - even if they're already taken. They don't realize that by making the guy cheat, they are ensuring that their own relationship with him will be flawed and built on very shaky grounds.

It's not your job to teach her to be a better human. It is just your job to be happy with your guy. He's not interested in her and undoubtedly will have to learn how to take care of himself in life. You can't be his "mommy" and take care of him, keeping him safe from sultry flirts for his entire life.

If she doesn't get the hint by seeing you two together, then it is HIS job to tell her to lay off. If the only reason she hears is that YOU want her to stay away, it will just reinforce to her that the guy has a 'nasty girlfriend' that she has to rescue him from. She has to hear from HIM that her advances are unwanted.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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