I Like Him - He Lied, is Married, Has Two Kids

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Visitor's Question:
i ran into an old friend and we started talking on the phone, and within 2 weeks we slept together. a few days later he told me he had two kids and is still married to the mother of his last child. he has so many thing that he is going through i promissed to help him to the best of my ability. but his wife wanted nothing to do with him, she even threw the ring out. then she has a chance of losing the kid, and getting kicked out of her house, so she is all over him again.

i want to tell him how i feel, but i dont know the right words. even after he told me this we were together a few more times, he says hes feelin me, but when it comes to his wife hes so week. i want to let him know that i like him, and would like to be with him. even his friends like me better than the other girl. i dont kno what to do. i talked to my 2 best friends about it and they both told me to just tell him. im going to but i have so much stuff in my head i dont even know where to start. Help me!!

Our Suggestion:
This guy is MARRIED and is choosing not to leave his wife. You are causing a cheating situation. This is really, really bad. If this guy is capable on cheating on her with you because it's "fun" - then what is to stop him from cheating on you with someone else because it's "fun" later on? He's already proven that he is quite capable of sleeping around when it appeals to him.

You should never fool yourself about being the other women. Millions of women have tried and failed at this little game. He's with his wife. He's chosen his wife. You can try ultimatums and such, it's certainly been tried before hundreds of times. But in the end if you have to force a guy to be with you, it's not going to work. It only works if both people fully and honestly accept each other. If he doesn't come to you of his own free will - NOW - then turn your back and find another guy. This time find one that is single.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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