He Cheated and Lied to Me

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Visitor's Question:
My boyfriend and I have just recently broke up. We have been seperated for 2 months but we talk about getting back together. We broke up because we were fighting a lot and thought that I did not respect him all the time, knowing this we thought we could work things out. We have talked about getting married, we had been together for 4 years.

I found out he was seeing another girl for 1 month and he has been lying to me. I saw them out one night so I confronted him about it. He admited to everything and said he lied to me becasue he did not want to hurt me. Well he just hurt me 100 times worse by lying to me.

How do I get over him. I am so mad at him but I still love him. Why?

Our Suggestion:
Breaking up is always hard - but it is the right thing to do. This guy cheated on you and then lied to you. Of course he has an excuse for why he had to lie! Liars always do. Burglars always have excuses for why they steal thing. Murderers always have excuses for why they had to kill the person. It doesn't make any of it right.

I have a TON of advice on the site about how to get through a breakup. Give yourself time. It won't be easy - but in the end you will be much, much happier when you are with someone you can respect and love.

Just remember NOT to fight this time around. Fighting is a very bad sign of lack of respect. If you're with someone and you begin to fight, then get someone to talk to about it immediately.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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