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Visitor's Question:
My husband and some friends of ours went away for a weekend and after drinking and smoking my husband and her ended up fooling around not long but it ended up with her giving him oral...when they realized they stopped immediately but the damage was done.

i know about it and well was fine until she now knows i know and well she lives near by and says she still is attracted to him..she wants to talk ...what should i do...this was all in the past a few years back...now what should i do? should i forget it or what...please help me if you can...Confused..

Our Suggestion:
LOL I'm sorry but I really had to laugh at this situation. "When they realized"??? What, somehow she was going down on him and then said "Oh my God! I have something in my mouth!" That is completely ridiculous. They did the action on purpose. They couldn't even take responsibility for what they did? And she is still around and wants him?

Kudos to you for forgiving him and taking him back - but this woman needs to be out of your life. I wouldn't trust her within 50 miles.

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