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-ok me and my girl friend started dated one month five days ago. I know its soon in the relationship but i like her alot. I was told by so many people at school that she did something on a bus and offered some guy something. I confronted her about it, and i believed her, but now since that was said she's acting different like she doesn't want to talk to me; fifteen minutes ago i talked to her and asked her if she was going to church and she said yes, usually I'm asked to go but this time i wasn't. her ex-boyfriend also goes to her church and i know she still has feelings for him.

should i trust her? is she cheating?

Our Suggestion:
The most important thing in a relationship is trust. If you show her you don't trust her - and believe the talk of other people over her - that is likely to cause her to be uncomfortable in the relationship.

I would have a serious talk with her and explain what the rumor is. Explain that you wanted to verify that it was false so that you could defend her honor with those rumor spreaders. Hopefully she will realize that you were on her side - not that you were harassing her.

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