how can i be sweet and romantic with my wife

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Visitor's Question:
how can i be sweet and romantic with my wife so i can make her happy

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The best way is to want to make her happy. And you're asking, which means you're on the right track. No matter what you do, she'll know that you're trying to make her happy and that will make her happy. That said, you can try the usual route, flowers and chocolates, or go for the more sentimental taking her to Niagara for a weekend trip, or take her to a fair and win her a stuffed animal. Find what she likes and do that with her, whether it's gardening or salsa dancing. Find things that she wishes she'd done and do them with her, like whitewater rafting. Say you love her, repeatedly. Make breakfast for her and cut the toast into heart shapes.

There are many ways for you to say you love her. You are a treasure that she will value forever.

Good luck!

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