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Visitor's Question:
my bf have been thru tough times recently. but he just refuse to share any of his problems with me..and i dont understand why. we are in a relationship and ppl in a relationship share everything together right? im really worried about him. i dont like the idea of him keeping everything to himself. i tried to get him to share his problems with me, when he has cooled down and is his usual self again, but to no avail. im his girlfriend. but he wont tell me a single thing about the problems he is facing. are we having communication problems in this relationship??

Our Suggestion:
Yes you have a problem in communication which is one of the more important elements of a good relationship. The next time he is in a GOOD mood, ask him to do you a favor. That is, promise that the next time he becomes uncommunicative he give you a one word description of the problem. For example if is radiator is acting up all he has to do is say "radiator." Other answers could be "boss" "job" "grades" "math" -- you get the picture.

This way you will at least have a clue as to what the problem is.

Good luck,

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