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Visitor's Question:
Sorry to bother you again, but I'm not having any luck with dating after all. I know you're probably really mad at me for emailing you again. I have a few of female friends, but I can't go date either of them. Two have a boyfriend which I told you about earlier. The other is older than me and I will NEVER date an older girl. She is a senior and I'm a junior.

This may sound like the MOST STUPID question and I KNOW you're VERY mad at me for asking, but how can I get over the FACT(yeah, FACT) that no one will EVER go out with me? That is probably NOT true, but it ALWAYS seems like it is.

Personally, I consider myself GREAT-looking, smart, nice, thin, friendly, but MOST importantly, HONEST.


If you are mad at me, I TOTALLY understand. I'm mad at me, too.

Our Suggestion:
First, I am not mad at you and you shouldn't be mad at yourself. At least you are trying to identify the problem and solve it. You need to widen your contacts and friendships with girls. This isn't as difficult as it sounds. Join clubs and activities where there are girls participating. Trust me, girls are just as interested in meeting boys as you are. If you are as nice as you sound, you should have no trouble at all if you just say hi and talk to girls whenever you can. Smile and call them by name... like "Hi Becky"

You might also wonder why the girls you choose are out of bounds... two have boyfriends and one is a senior. (By the way, I disagree with your decision to never date older girls.) Try meeting girls that are not dating and would love to date you. You have a lot to offer, so get out there and be brave!

Good luck,

--Your Friendly Advisors at

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