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ok well i havent been out with a girl since i was 6 and i am now 13 i still havent broke my VL. (kissed a girl). i know a girl that used to fancie me, when she told me this i felt like asking her out and the next day at a disco when i walked up to her, my mate walked up infront of me and asked her out i was shocked but i know she was going to say no cause she seen me across the dance-floor but she said yes. i felt my insides cruble into ashes i was depressed for days and i started eating loads. she broke up with him about a 4 months ago and got i thought i had a chance with her at new year when i was drunk but when i was walking up to find her her best friend asked me if i had seen her Ex i said no and asked why and she said that Toni (say the girl i love is called toni) wants to go out with insides fell again. bu now she recently broke up with him and i was getting a chance we were all in the park and i was walking around with her and my stupid mate called and told me he has broke his ankle so i had to run and get him so when i left the park i was walking back but i seen them all coming back toni was holding hands with one of my friends....then my 3 best friends that new i liked her told me that she had kissed him twice and now they are going out...i really like her....i have scince about 5 months...when she brakes up with him how will i aproach her?....will it be too soon out of her how could i ask her out????

Our Suggestion:
The next time she breaks up, walk up to her and ask her to go out with you. You've already lost several chances and you don't want to lose anymore. From what you said, it sounds like she will say yes to you, so don't be shy.

Don't worry if it is too soon out of her relationship either.

Good luck.

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