My wife who is a minister had sex with her sons father

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My wife who is a minister had sex with her sons father who is married with children. We have only been married 8 months and I have faced all my worst relationship fears. Lack of intimacy and affection and now cheating. I must admit that IU threntened and planned to cheat because she didn't want to have sex with me. I am 26 years old and I took her and her son in and she has made me feel unconfident and weak. She even is saying now that she wasn't "in love" with me when we married. Now she promises to change and has been behaving as such, but I'm afraid that she may be using me, and she still loves the ex. I think of it constantly and as much as I love her I know I will have to be involved with her ex for years to come because of my step son. What the heck should I do? please help

Our Suggestion:
As a minister, she should be familiar with communications between two people.

Obviously you two need to have some serious discussions on your relationship. Try to find out where she is coming from. I certainly can't understand her actions.

Once you have talked it out either things will go well or not. If they don't go well my advice is to see a professional marriage counselor.

I hope things get straightened out quick!

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