I feel like I could fall in love with this boy.. but now he's going out with this other girl again

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Okay, so this is really complicated.. I met this boy from my friend, because he's her boyfriend's friend. So one night all of us go hang out and I meet him for the first time.. and we hit it off. We hang out anotehr time and things get even better. But one problem is he lives an hour away, and only come to where I live on the weeknds. But this was all about 3 weeks ago. I haven't gotten to see him since then because he hasn't visited and was supposed to this weekend. Well, I heard that he's going back out with this girl that treats him very bad, and only uses him.. but I was devestated to hear the news.. becuase I thought we had a thing. I have no clue what to do about the situation, I feel like I could fall in love with this boy.. but now he's going out with this other girl again. I just don't want to lose him, I want to call him and work things out but I have no clue what I could say. I know he likes me too, but I have no idea why he's going out with this girl again! He's obviously co dependent! Well, if you could please help I would be very grateful! Thank you alot!

Our Suggestion:
Call him up to verify that he is interested in this other girl.

Right now all you have is rumors. If the rumors are true, you really have no choice but to accept them because he lives so far away.

When you talk to him, find out how committed he is to the other girl and what he thinks the chances are that you two will be together again.

This will help you reach closure.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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