i really care for him alot i have never felt like this with anyone .

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im a 26 yr old single mother of 3 boys and one girl. my daughter belongs to the man im writing u about. me and e* thats his name were not really together but we were more like friends with benifits. well i got pregnate and we drifted apart befor i could say i love u.i really care for him alot i have never felt like this with anyone .

i just seen him for the first time since i was 2 months pregnate . my daughter is now 6 months old... seeing him brought back every emotion i had for him... so i emailed him last nite and told him that i loved him and i know that things will never pick up between us or go anywhere but i just wanted him to know that i have deep feelings for him... what can i do to find out how he reaaly feels about me?

Our Suggestion:
To find out how he really feels for you, wait for his answer to your email.

If he doesn't answer, phone him and ask him right out. After all the time that's past it's doubtful that he will have strong feelings for you but you can only find out by asking.

Good luck!

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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