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Visitor's Question:
i can't get a date because i feel that a girl i see walking down the roadside or in my school or class i have never met her before how do i approach or talk to her without looking like a perfect stranger. i mean things like pick up lines to attract her to me. how do i know if she would shout or embarrass me cos i will feel bad if she ignores me and i hate that from a girl. what then do i say to her to make her interested in a perfect stranger like me.
i don't know her she doesn't know me how do we connect or get to know each other.

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I have a whole area on breaking the ice, which is what you call it when two people who don't know each other make that initial contact -

You do NOT USE PICK UP LINES. Your aim is not to PICK UP a girl. Your aim should be to be a FRIEND to this girl. People talk to people they like, they hang out with people they like, they date people they like. You need to be a friend to her if you want to date her. Being a friend isn't about 'tricking her with cool sayings'. It's about listening to her, talking to her, sharing her interests.

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