My boyfriend and I dated for 2 and a half years and we were the "perfect" couple.

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My boyfriend and I dated for 2 and a half years and we were the "perfect" couple. All of our friends aspired to be like us because everyone could feel the love we had. It was amazing. I used to often think that this may be to good to be true. Well after 2 and a half was. Approx. 8 months ago, I went through a really hard time with different issues. I thought it was his job to be there for me and offer support. About a month after I started experiencing these things, he just stopped talking to me for a week (we live in different cities but we saw each other 4 days a week). He finally answered MY call and told me that he needed time and I was just floored. I was so devastated, but was willing to wait. During that time, he started seeing someone, but still would text me, email me, and call from time to time to keep me hanging. Alot of things happened and we got back together. I then found out that he was dating a girl who had been hitting on me for 6 months! He said he did it to make me mad. Whatever! Anyway, she then began texting me saying that she only dated him to get me away from him and started asking me to be with her. Im not a lesbian at all! So I showed these to him and he went off. Well we have been back together for 2 months and 2 days ago, I caught him checking personal ads, which he lied about and tried to turn it around on me and make me feel terrible. I went on the web site and found his ad!! I called him and he told me that a friend set it up as a joke. He lied to me and deliberately deceived me. Im so hurt. On the phone, he knew he was busted so he hung up. I have not heard from him since. I would have never thought he would do this to me, but he did. I will never speak to him again or get back should he come running. How do I get over him. I truly love him from the bottom of my heart and in my mind Im scared I wont be able to love someone like I did him. Will no one be able to compare? Im really devastated, confused, and hurt beyond belief. I cant stop crying. Why, he did this to me. Help.

Our Suggestion:
Thank your lucky stars that he is out of your life now.

Imagine how much worse it could have been if this monkey-business had gone on for more years or a marriage.

You will feel sad and cry for awhile but these emotions will ease the pain over time as they heal you.

Who knows what made him act as he did and it is unfortunate you found yourself in his path.

Hope things go better for you!

--Your Friendly Advisors at

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