My fiance used to be gay before I started dating him a year ago

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Visitor's Question:
My fiance used to be gay before I started dating him a year ago. He used to chat to people on the internet and said he's been friends with one of them for a long time. He also just exchanged photos (because he could only take a pic on my webcam) and sent it when I was next to him. I just found an email he sent to the guy saying 'how come you havent replied to my mail? I'm starting to think you're a player. Can you call or mail me?' I said to him - 'have you checked your mail lately?' And he said 'no' even though he did to send this email. I'm really worried as to what this means? Do you think it sounds as if he has cheated?
Please help me! I don't know what to do.

Our Suggestion:
This is your fiance!

Talk to him in an open, honest, caring, trusting conversation which will try to get to the bottom of this. The conversation should be long and deep.

Make sure you have time together for this sharing of feelings. Don't let him slip off the hook. He has to be honest with you if he is your fiance. What a farce it would be if he is still playing games with other people.

Don't put this off, it is very important!

Good luck! George

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