Now I am thinking my wife is cheating on me because of her actions and refusing to take a lie detector

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I am 27 years old and I have been married to the woman I love for 5 years. Within the past year my wife has constantly accused me of cheating. She does not have evidence to go on, other than her intution. She says I am not intimate with her, but when I try to be intimate with her she tends to shove me to the side. Lately, she has told me it is OK for me to have another girlfriend, but she continue to track my calls and credit card purchases. Its like she saying and doing these things to get an answer out of me. But I am not cheating, and I will tell her this but she chooses not to believe me. The money I was going to use for a project on my house, I considered taking a lie detector for me and my wife. I brought this to her attention and she tend to avoid the question. She said that she wants to continue the project on the house and not waste the money on a lie detector. Now I am thinking my wife is cheating on me because of her actions and refusing to take a lie detector. This is a chance for us to find out the truth and she is avoiding taking the test. Please help me put this in perspective.

Our Suggestion:
Where there is smoke there is fire.

In this case the fire is your wife's accusations that you are cheating and her telling you you can have a girlfriend. Especially the part about the girlfriend. Why else would she suggest the girlfriend unless she were cheating?

But, do you have any other evidence or clues that she is cheating? Are there unexplained times that are unaccounted for? Long shopping trip with few or no purchases?

Right now you only have suspicions. Your lie detector idea was a good one. If you have the money, hiring a detective is a possibility. Or counselling by a professional.

Sorry you are in this fix! George

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