I love him...but I know that when trust is gone, there is not a relationship

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i hv a long distance relatipnship..but he is not my bf...a month ago my fr told me that he had a gf half yr ago. but they broke up finally. i talked with him but i didn tell him that my gf told me that thing. i just asked him did u hv a gf these days...n he said no...i asked him to be honest with me...but he did say no...i dunno wat to do...i love him...but i know that when trust is not exist, there is not a relationship...he said he loves me but he thinks it is too diff. for us to be a couple...and asked us to keep this relationship...but y we still keep it like a couple? but actually we r not?

Our Suggestion:
A long-distance relationship is very difficult to maintain.

And when one of the partners is not being honest it is impossible.

You should decide to breakup with him and tell him why. You will feel better having this unfortunate situation over and done with.

Here is some help on this website:


Good luck! George

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