The feelings of jealousy won't go away

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I was with my girlfriend for 7 months. We argued continuously for a good 2 weeks. The main reason for the arguments was because I was disappointed in some of her actions. She had the habit of doing things without thinking. When I told her that, she told me that she was deeply hurt by it and that she thought I thought she was a disappointment as a girlfriend. So she meets this guy while we were in the arguing phase. They studied for a class and when he dropped her off, she kissed him twice. She told me she felt like dirt after she had done it and didn't have the nerve to tell me until a week later. I broke up with her, then got back with her. The feelings of jealousy won't go away. I need some help.

Our Suggestion:
You are going to have to get over it.

Time will help, but you have to work at it too. Whenever a jealous thought enters your mind you need to fight against it like an enemy. Tell it to go away and stop bothering you because your girlfriend loves only you. After about 100 times, the jealousy will give up trying to bother you.

Have some nice, long, honest, caring, trusting conversations with her to help boost the bond between you. Give her a little present.

Here is a webpage about jealousy:

Good luck! George

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