I doubt he'll be a good father coz he is such a terrible husband

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Hi. I'm not hopeful or anything that my situation can ever change but here goes. I'm married to a guy for the last 2 years. Dated him for 10 years. He's 29, I'm 26. He's been lying about a lot of things. I found out 3 times in a year that he's talking to his ex-galfriends (three different girls) on the phone. i'm not sure if he is dating them because i have no way of knowing. the first time i found out (accidently, when i saw her sms on his cell phone), i blamed myself. i cried, i fought with him, i tried to kill myself, i tried to change my attitude with him. i tried and tried and tried. he promised me he would never do it again but right when i started trusting him, and our relation was going fine on the surface (or so i thought). he DID IT AGAIN. this time he started talking to another one of his ex-galfriends. i went through the same thing again. blamed myself, hated my face (although people keep telling me i'm way more goodlooking than he is)i tried to change my attitude again (tried to be even nicer with him). thinking there must be something wrong with me. he promised me again that he'll never hide these things from me, and that he'll never lie to me again. but just 3 months and he did it again. NOW I'M TIRED AND AT THE VURGE OF BREAKING DOWN. I'm tired of blaming myself, I'm tired of thinking that there is something wrong with me. My question is, DO SUCH MEN (LYING HUSBANDS) EVER CHANGE?? and my other question is 'HOW CAN I FORGET HIM,AS I REALLY WANT TO LEAVE HIM BUT I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH FOR 12 YEARS NOW??? Are there any tips or tricks of changing such men or making them realize how much it hurts? I really want to have a kid with him now but i doubt he'll be a good father coz he is such a terrible husband.
Plz Reply coz I'm going crazy. I'll b thankful
Hopeless wife

Our Suggestion:
There is little use in my saying anything except that I am sorry you are in this situation.

My advice is that the two of you go to see a counsellor, and if he won't go then you should go yourself. This is the only way I can see you dealing with
his behavior toward you.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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