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well ive gone through a thousand of ppl's questions already and havent found an answere for me..im 19 and i have this amazing bf...we love each other so dearly its beautiful. were very honest with each other and were happen to be best friends too..which is the best feeling ever,,,being able to tell your lover everything and being 110% yourself...we laugh we cry we listen we explore we talk were serious and silly at times and we mesh so perfectly...like weve known each other all our life...weve been dating 10 months now...and i wasnt really sure what catagory to pick but i really need your help...my bf and i ...a couple months back went through somthing very hard..he wanted a break...and i htought it was going to kill me..it was very hard for me..but we got back together becasue we were basically both at fault..i was pshing him away with out even realizing it..and part of it was bc he had to move to austin and it was just finally getting the best of me with out my knowledge i was so worried about losing him i kinda forgot how ot just talk w/him like we use to...during this time there was a girl and he had told me that nothing happened it was just an affacuation cause he had her in a class and they both felt lost with there gf and bf and it felt like she was there for him...well today for some odd reason i asked him if he had every kissed her cause i never had before and he said no but i could tell he wasnt telling the truth so i asked him ot just tell me the truth and he said yes and after talking a while he said they had kissed about 4 times him kissing her twice and her kissing him twice..he said two here kinda like a 3 t0 4 sec. makeout and the other two were just open mouth kissesthat lasted a sec. he said that every time they kissed he felt bad and pictured me when it was happening he was very detailed and told me evryting he even said one time the mk out she tried to touch him through his pants and befroe he told he swroe that this was the truth..that he kinda jumped and sat back over in his seat and she said sorry thinking she had hurt him..and he said she didnt tho..but it just mad him feel real uncomfortable.then one of them said were moving to fasti cant remember who he said said it..but they were like yeah then that was pretty much the end of it once he explained to her that he still loved his gf (me) very much and that and that he wanted to work things out with me and that she should work things out with her bf too. they agreed and went there sepearte ways..he eevn said he went to swim with his friends at her pool and satyed completely away from her and he tells me now he cant beleive it happened and what he saw in her...i feel like its all behind usbut now i know the details and now i realize that i guess he actually cheated on me...we were both crying n everthingand i frogave him cause i did along time ago but it hurts and at frist i was like no no no i cant be with you but i realized how selfish that was and i know i love him and i know he loves me we just had the best 2 weeks together fro christmas and i can tell he misses me alot i do too..i told him everything weve ever done or siad that wasnt true or didnt tell the truth lets just leave it in the past and move fprward from this i told him id always love him but not ot abuse that and that i couldnt go through somthing like this again...he told me the last thing he ever wanted ot do was hurt his lil angle and that hes deeply sorry and that its okay if im mad at him,,,i deserev to be..he told me how much he loves me and how im his soul mate i feel the same and he said baby oyur the one for me i know it and ive learned so much i want you to be my wife one day. and enjoy life together and alwasy be there for each other nad alwasy be faithful from this day froward and never lie and alwasy tell the truth..he says he so happy he could come to me n tell me even if it took awhile, i said i know ppl do things and there sceared to tell the one they love cause therere sceared to lose teh ones they love,..he said exactly i never want to lose you..but i caouldnt keep it to myself and from the one i truly love...did i do the right thing? did he?..i belive him and i believe i made the right decision...but do you think itll happen again? , i feel like it wont but i dont want ot be stupid about this..does he sound sincere to you?..i told him your just like all the rest.(as in my bad ex's) and he said baby im not..i know it seems like it but im not..like them..it was mean to say i know..i tried to appoligize but he waslike no baby i dont want you to appoligize oyuve done nothing wrong....i want to be able to spend the rest of my life with him hes the reason for getting up every morning and smiling and makeing it through another day...hes taught me to be so beautiful...we saved each other cause we were both on rocky paths in the begging before we knew each other..like god sent him for me..he feels that im really his angle in life and he adors me...but plz please help me...i need your thought on htis and i need to hear everything you feel about this thought of mind and questions...do you think were on a good path and that we can make oit together in life and actually get married and grow old together? i mean from what i told you and asked does it seem like we have what it takes. please help i cant wait to receive your answere and thoughts...thank you sincerly a person in need : ).

Our Suggestion:
From all you've said, it sounds like you two could have a long life together.

At 19, you are plenty old enough to have a good chance at doing this.

I think his episode with the other girl was a one time thing for him and he has learned his lesson. Try to put it into the past and forgive him.

Continue to have long, loving conversations with him full of trust and honesty... this is the best way to have a great relationship.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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