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Me and my girlfriend have been going out for a year and a half now. Recently she told me that she had kissed some random guy she met at a bar. She was very sad about it, at first she lied and told me that she did it in the bar but later she told me that they had gone back to these guys house. She told me she was so drunk she did not remember getting into the car to go there or anything, she also said she was so confused because of being drunk that she called him my name. I guess after she came to her senses and told this guy she had a boyfriend. Obviously I feel extremely betrayed. I have always said that if a girl ever cheated on me I would be done with her, the problem I am having is that I truly do care about her but now I almost feel humiliated. I also wonder what is wrong with our relationship or was she just extremely drunk, I know she was being truthful with me in the end but it just stinks. Anyways, Thank You and Best Regards.

Our Suggestion:
Yes it does stink.

Being cheated on is one of the worst things we can suffer.

It appears to me that she was extremely drunk and did something she would have never done sober. Many of us can confess to the same thing.

You seem to have forgiven her and forgiven her for lying about it at first. Good for you! That shows maturity on your part. We should always hesitate criticizing another when we might do the same thing.

Good luck! George

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