He only hugged her and then said yes he kissed her

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Visitor's Question:
My husband the day after Christmas said that he had been seeing and talking to a woman at the gym and was helping her. I did not feel threatened at all thought she was just a friend well then he proceeded to tell me that he only hugged her and then said yes he kissed her after I asked her. he said he didn't want to hurt me more. he asked me not to tell her husband and that it was over. so I said ok then it had to be over no talking no helping her at the gym no nothing. Well I guess she called him and I found out and asked him about it. And of course we got into a argument and I asked him if it was over and he said yes and so I said again if it is over then her husband needs to know why should it just be me hurting. So I called her husband.. he kicked her out and so my husband thought it best to go to her instead of staying with me that night he says because she has nothing left now. He called the next night wanting to talk and wanted to come back but the feelings hurt so bad. I have been married to this man for 30 years. he did say he did not do her. do I take a deep breath and believe him?
he says also that he feels bad because it was all his fault and now she has nothing and he says she is a nice person well I don't think so. I am just feeling so like crap.

Our Suggestion:
You really have no choice but to believe him.

Don't make any hasty decisions that you might not be able to live with later. You should let him come back if that's what you think. When you think of it, it was only a few hugs and kisses. That's a very mild attack of mid-life crisiss. He probably has it out of his system by now... especially since this adventure turned out so badly.

Her husband is likely to take her back too if they had a long relationship. People get used to being with each other. And, the thought of starting over is daunting. Not to mention the financial and family strains that come out of break ups.

So, my advice is to work towards getting everything back in order.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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