He cheated on me every year from 2002-2005

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Me and my boyfriend started dating in 2002 since then our relationship is on and off because he always cheated on me..at the age of 16 i got pregnant had his baby now i live with him and my little son..i am only 17 but under alot of stress..it is now the year 2006 and i just found out christmas eve (2005) he cheated on me again..he cheated on me every year from 2002-2005 ..he always lies to me..but always cries on his knees and says he wasnt thinking,if i could forgive him..i alwayss forgive him cause i love him..i really dont kno why i cant let go..but now i really have no trust in him at all..im always accusing him and i know theres alot more that he has done but doesnt want to be honest with me... i really dont know what to do,he says he's never gonna do it again that he loves me..i know he loves me but i dont know why he keeps doing it..believe it we are alwaysss arguing .. i need advise..im scared to get my feelings hurt again..i want whats best for my son..but i really need advise..

Our Suggestion:
He's a cheater.

He will probably cheat on you from 2006 to 2016 if you keep letting him get away with it.

You'll have to lay the law down to him and tell him the next time he's out. Then be prepared to do it. Don't argue about it anymore once you've given him the word... let your threat do your talking for you. If you keep arguing it will undermine what you told him.

Your boy will be better off in an environment where there is not so much fighting and anger going on.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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