He knows that i am 2 months pregnant with his child

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Ok,im 20years old. i met this kid and we have been going out for 3 monthes now. He has 2kids, whitch he told me about when we first started talking.he told me that he does not talk to his baby mother and that they have been broken up for 5 years now. so time went by and the problem with me is that i get attached real easy anywayz .. about 3 weeks ago he came to my house and he had a hospital band on his wrist so i asked him when he was at the hospital and he told me his "cousin" had a baby and they gave him the band beacuse her baby father is in jail. so i dident think nothing of it and i dident wanna fight so i belived him. so 3 weeks go by and i find out from one of my guy friends that he works with that he has been cumming into work late and the reason is beacuse he just had a baby 3 weeks ago ! Then finally everything clicked... so i called him and i said " how is ur cousins baby doing?" and he said "(pause) good why ?" and i said "your going to sit hear and lie to me" and i said " when did u go into work last night" and he said" why are you asking me all these questions" and i said cause i can im ur gurlfrend... and then i said " your a liar i know thatz your baby not your cousins" "dont ever call me again its a wrap for everything" ....and he dident even try to deny it beacause he knew he was caught. and then he turned his phine off and that was 3 days ago and he still hasent called. and im not calling him.. but im so hurt ,,, all i di is cry ,,, and people tell me like why u crying for ? he aint worth it .. but i dont know what to do i miss him and i cant belive he would do this to me .. and i sit here and think like "damm when he met me his "gurl"was 6 monthes pregnant. And to top it all off he knows that i am 2 monthes pregnant with his child... and like a week ago he told me " i think im falling in love with you ... i love you " ......what is that about ?? i dont know what to do ...

Our Suggestion:
Dump the loser!

How could you ever trust him again? And, now he might have four kids to support, if he does provide support.

And if you keep your baby be sure to keep track of him so you can ask for child support from him.

Don't waste your tears on him, cry for your own self.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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