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I recently suspected that my boyfriend is cheating. I confronted him and of course he says no he is not. I then accepted his words and dropped it. Then one day he leaves his e-mail open on my computer and I do some snooping around only to find a sent e-mail to a craigslist posting. He basically wrote about himself and put a picture and his phone number for this girl to contact him if she wanted to hang out and go for a walk on the beach to get to know each other. When I confronted him about this he claims the e-mail did not go through because the picture was to big. He says he has not cheated on me in anyway. so my question is does this constitute cheating? and if so what if any steps should be taken to gain trust back with him?

Our Suggestion:
Cheating can't be defined easily.

Some cases are obviously cheating and others obviously not.

His case falls in the middle and only you can determine whether, for you, it is considered cheating.

It certainly isn't something good for your relationship and you should find out what he is thinking. A relationship should make you feel good.

Good luck! George

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