Celebrating Valentine's Day Long Distance

Long distance relationships can be difficult enough, but Valentine's Day can seem like an extra challenge. It doesn't need to be! Whether you're pen pals, in separate colleges, married to an armed forces person or just not near your sweetheart, there are ways to make this Valentine's Day extra special.

The fun is to be virtually together. If you're into flowers, have one of you choose a bouquet and send half of the flowers to the other. You both can put your set of flowers into a vase and know that you're smiling and gazing at the same set of flowers together. Have one of you get a box of chocolates, and send half to the other. Again, share the chocolates together while you chat on the phone or IM each other.

Many couples share a romantic dinner together on Valentine's Day. You can do the same! Figure out what your favorite meal would be, and then each of you make it in your own areas. Chat on the phone while you eat, or write each other afterwards describing the meal and what was fun about it. Figure out which wine you both enjoy, and get the exact same bottle! Now you can share notes about how lovely the wine was, too.

Take a picture a few days ahead of you in your Valentine's Day outfit, whatever it is you intend to wear on that day. Send those pictures to each other. Now when you're enjoying the day, you can glance at the picture and know that at that very moment, that is exactly how your darling looks. You can even put the picture at the dinner table with you, if you want!

Valentine's Day isn't about giant presents or extravagant gestures. It's about the sincere, loving connection between two people, and the celebration of that connection. It's a very unique, personal tie between you two. Don't let marketers convince you that only their way is the right way, and that you must be together. You can be just as close, and just as in love, and just as connected, even if your darling happens to be away from you for this day.

Raise a toast to the special love which is yours!

Quick Ideas:
* A card of sharing, helping your partner feel like he/she is really there with you
* A personal gift, like pictures, a favorite figurine, a poem
* If possible, eat and celebrate together on the phone, doing the same things, just a bit apart
* An evening that celebrates how your love thrives despite the distance

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