Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

Valentine's Day has been celebrated for over 1,000 years - not only because of Saint Valentine, but also because that same period was worshipped by the Romans as a fertility holiday. The combination of love, romance and affection has combined to make Valentine's Day one of the most-proposed-on days of the year.

Here are some traditions found around the globe!

In Italy, the festival of Wolves is a thing of the past, where men would playfully whip the women and pair up for fertility rites. In more modern times, couples would sit and read poetry together, or listen to music.

Germans LOVE flowers, and on Valentine's Day this was especially true. Large bouquets of gorgeous wildflowers would be chosen for that special someone. The flowers were less about the cost and more about choosing the favorites of the true love - to show you were paying attention to her specific affections and not just treating her like 'any girl'.

Victorian England was in love with elaborate paper valentines which would be passed amongst family and friends. Create your own hand-made valentine, and put in it a poem of your own writing! It's not about it being high-class poetry - it's about the poem being from your heart, and intended solely for the heart of your true love.

The Irish love music. Whether it's singing in a bar, fiddle playing during an evening dance, or folk songs in the countryside, the green island rings with raised voices. Head out with your Valentine to a club and listen to your favorite music, and join in the fun!

The French have an entire culture based on love and romance. These weren't things reserved for just one day! Valentine's Day would involve you and your sweetheart renewing your love for each other, spending time with each other, flirting, laughing, and enjoying life.

Olde United States
The ways of courting in the US always involved dancing. Long before movies and fancy restaurants, the youth would head out to the local barn or dance hall and have an evening of fun and romance. Are there any fun dance clubs in your area? Why not kick up your heels!

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