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Are you looking to have an Irish themed wedding, or to actually get married in Ireland? Learn more about the love and courtship traditions of the Irish!

The Irish are a blend of the old Celtic mythologies and the Christianity brought in by St. Patrick. Both of these influences are equally important in any relationship. Young men and women are told to be proper and to show great respect for each other and their families. At the same time, the old myths and love of nature tug at their desire to run barefoot through the hills and tumble in the grass.

Ta gra agam ort is I love you in Gaelic

Two people shorten the road
Giorraíonn beirt bóthar
--Gaelic Proverb (meaning the trip passes more pleasantly)

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Ireland is known as the country of a thousand greens. From the rolling green hills of sheep pasture to the gorgeous gardens and ancient castles, the Irish culture has embraced romance with a passion. You can lay in a meadow with your love, tracking down four leaf clovers, or dance the night away to your favorite Irish band.