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The Innocents

I have been with my wife since spring of 1999 Her graduation night we had been together a few weeks and she let me take her youth and make her a women she was 18.

She had dated through highschool but never slept with another man it was a great experience forthe two of us. We moved in together about one year after we started dating. We lived together for about 1 and half years and we became pregnant. We had our baby boy on Feb 25th of 2002 a year down the road I meet a man and his wife he works with me. We become friends and start hanging out after work on fridays the 4 of us going out to the bar kind of stuff

the second weekend of Oct. 2003 right after my wifes 23 birthday we went out and we met a nice young man who was in the military his name was Scott. I made it clear to him that night that at the time she and I had a kid and she is my fiancÚ, he seemed understanding and never made any move or anything to think he would do something so wrong. Real nice guy Well the whole time were out my fiancÚ was talking to my Friend Lous the guy I work with wife. She could not believe that my fiancÚ had never slept with anyone other then me and kept telling her she will regret this in the future. I told her that night that please don,t do what Shelli is telling you Don,t

She said she wouldn,t and that she only loves me.

2 weeks later on Friday November 1st My son want me to stay home and I said sure to my fiancÚ you can go out please don,t do anything stupid that you will regret. She agreed and road with lou and shelli I told lou too to bring her home to me.

That night passed I remember her getting home about 2:30 am I looked out and saw a truck and laid back in bet and fell asleep a good half hour past and I awake she came in and went to the bathroom and then laid down in bed and went right to sleep I figured she had a few to many to drink
Several weeks later we find out we are pregnent On oct 31st we made really great love and I stayed inside of her.
So no alarms went off.

7 years later Nov 25th 2010 thanksgiving night I was reading a book and my dog jumped on the bed This caused me to look over at her dresser and I find a letter hanging out slightly I looked at it is was not right so I pulled it out and read to Scott dated Nov 2nd 2003 that reads how great of a time she had and she does not regret that night one bit. She then further in the letter asks a question "is all you wanted from me was sex?"

Being he never wrote her like he told her he would she never mailed the letter cause she had no address or last name.

I fliped out She was out shopping Black friday at walmart when I called the cellphone and told her we need to talk.

3 days she said she did not have sex with him You don,t write this stuff if it didn,t happen. I drilled her and drilled her she finally cracked and said yes it happened.

My Innocent Faith Full Wife I married on Feb 25th 2005
is not who I thought she was

I am so I don,t trust her anymore. I have feeling of hate toward her. I some times don,t even want to live myself.

She has lied to me time and time again. I am waiting on paternity test on our daughter I try to forgive her and we have had alot of make up sex in the last 2 weeks but I still have bad times that I break down and cry I have said meen things to her and have made her do things I would not have otherwise made her do.

I don,t know what is instore for me when I get the results back on our daughter I truely think my wife does love me and she messed up she admits that she has done wrong and tells me that it has not happened since and it wont happen ever again, she assures me this but It is so hard to trust her it took 3 days for her to tell me the truth once I knew maybe this is not the only time just the other times she didn,t write a 15 page book about.

I sometimes think maybe it is Karma I have not been so innocent in my highschool days and I know I have hurt young girls hearts

This has had to be the worst thanksgiving to remember for me, I really hope that we can get thru this and move on to a new begining.

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