About RomanceClass and Lisa Shea

RomanceClass was started in 2002 by Lisa Shea, who often served as a sought-after 'helper' in the relationships of her friends. Lisa was joined by several of her closest friends in this website project. We decided to put our tips and techniques online, to help organize them for others to use.

Over the years, the site has grown by leaps and bounds, and we have helped millions of visitors find new happiness in their lives.

We have long since realized that one of the most important skills in life - that of being able to relate well to the one you love - is often not taught at all. Teenagers are left to fend for themselves when confronted with issues of jealousy, neglect, and conflict. They grow into adults without learning these critical skills. Here at RomanceClass, we are working hard to provide information to help our visitors find a new, better path in life.

If you're looking for ways to connect with that special someone, or to maintain a relationship you already are in, these pages will help!

For Serious Issues - Seek Local Support
Remember, we are all volunteers - while we enjoy helping our visitors, we are often swamped with requests for free advice on very serious issues. Your first contact should always be a local therapist, priest, doctor or family member - someone who knows your background, understands your situation, and can give truly meaningful advice. As much as we do our best, it is nearly impossible to give truly meaningful advice based on only a few paragraphs written by the person who is in the situation.

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