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I have a friend, we have liked eachother, then didn't and now we are like beyond close it is sickening....well not really. Problem is i have MAJOR feelings and he is totally afraid because of our friendship. He says he is feeling me but is nervous but not quite like that but its something there, ok so what does that actually mean.

I tell him if it is there just go with it, and we have been, but how do i help take away his fear? is he just saying stuff or what is the deal with the i'm feeling you but its something there but not quite enough to not worried about our friendship? Whats nice about it is i know he is serious about the friendship and he doesnt want to lose me, he has been saying it ALL week, but what is the deal, how will i know that its one way or the other, is that even possible, i mean im not old but i do want him now, lol i cant wait, because ill be crushed if he found someone and i know he would be too...ok ill stop rambling...HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!


Dating your good friend is the BEST way to have a great relationship. All great boyfriend-girlfriend couples really start with people who were friends first. So you guys are taking the perfect route. And yes, he's worried about losing the friendship. This is what EVERY SINGLE couple goes through! So it's a normal worry, but like most things in life, you have to face your fears and go through with something if you want to get the reward.

I have a whole how-to on doing this -

From Friend to Boyfriend-Girlfriend

So read through it and good luck!