Beautiful Prom Updos and Updo Styles for Weddings

Most of us choose a casual style for day to day living. However, there are always special days in your life when you want to look your very best. An updo is the perfect solution! An updo can be romantic, flirty, elegant, stylish, and above all, beautiful. An updo is the crowning glory for your overall look.

Look through the pages below for a collection of updo styles to suit any need. There are long hair updos, short hair updos, thick hair updos, thin hair updos, and every other updo in between! One will be just right for your hair.

Elegant Updo

English Updo

Glamorous Updo

Sweetheart Updo

Casual Updo

Loose Updo

Victorian Updo

Western Updo

Russian Updo

Tango Updo

Ballerina Updo

Cabaret Updo

Genie Updo

Fairy Tale Updo

Updo / Ponytail

What Attracts a Man to an Updo?
Women are usually dressing up to impress and attract a man. Just what is it about an updo that so appeals to the male spirit? Men like a challenge. They like to feel that they have achieved something that few if any others have. So by putting her hair up, the woman is hiding her femininity, tucking away her female wiles. She is saying "I am not available to just anyone". It encites the man to woo her - to convince her to "let down her hair" for him and only him. He dreams of when he is able to get her alone, just the two of them, and have her take down her hair for him alone in privacy.

If you watch romantic movies about victorian days, the women are gussied up in tight dresses, with floor length trains, with gloves on their hands and their hair up tight. The man woos her with sweet words. It is only the man who "wins her over" who can take her upstairs and remove those gloves, take down her hair, and see the real, womanly natural beauty that she has within.

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