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How Well do you Know your Partner?

Your partner is your one true love, your soulmate, your best friend, your trustworthy ally as you face the world. Just how well do you know him or her? Hereīs one fun way to find out!

First, mail a copy of this to your partner, or even to your best friend, sister, brother. Ask them to try to guess what YOUR answers will be. Youīll be comparing notes later on.

OK, now itīs your turn. Answer each of these questions in turn. Just how much do you really know about the things that make this person tick?

1) What is his/her favorite color?

2) What is the scariest movie he/she saw as a child, that had an affect on him/her?

3) What is his/her comfort food?

4) What is/was his/her favorite subject in school?

5) What spot or location does he/she feel most comfortable and at peace in?

6) What was his/her favorite toy or game as a child?

7) What kind of house would he/she like to have in 10 years?

8) What would he/she say is his/her best body part?

9) What song would remind him/her of your relationship?

10) What would he/she say is his/her best skill?

OK, how did you do? Did you have an answer or a guess for each one? Now wait for your partner to finish up, and compare notes. How did you do? Itīs just as much fun talking about the answers as it is taking the test!

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