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Different cultures have their different ways of showing love and affection. Learn more about love and romance, weddings and courtships in the French Culture!

The French are often idolized as the culture of love. The French language is called the Language of Love. Couples holding hands are found in all corners of Paris. French romance is tied to Champagne, that bubbly drink that makes any day a celebration. It's also tied to great food.

For a French flair to your romance, give a try with:

Plan an evening of delicious French food, end with Champagne, and see how your love life shines!

je t'aime is I love you in French, which you pronounce zhuh tem

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The French culture is so entwined with the concept of love and romance that many movies include actors with French accents for this sole reason! The flirtations, the elegance, and the charm that is an innate part of every aspect of the French countryside can find a way into your own life.