Ok I'll start

When my husband was in the air force he had orders to go to Biloxi Miss for a few months before he was sent to Thiland.
Well I wanted to go with so what we did was scarf up on items that no one wanted anymore and packed them all into the car (we were not going to bring anything back except us and our clothes)
Well we got down there and started looking for a place to stay found a hotel on the beach that had studio's so my husband paid the rent and we started hauling all of our stuff up to the 5th floor in an elevator with an elevator guy.
Well after we hauled everything up I decided I did not like it. So being the great guy he is he went back down got our money back we took everything back to the car (The elevator guy must have thought we were crazy) And guess what we ended up renting a horrible trailor full of cockroaches (that's what I get for being stupid I guess).
Now that's just one of my stories I'll save more after some of you guys post.

My name is Connie