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I've noticed that today, kids don't work as hard at marriage. If it doesn't feel right, they get out and move on. I don't think they try as hard to make the marriage work.

You are absolutely right. I've seen high school acquaintances of mine who have gotten married and are already divorced. Its sad. It seems society has turned marriage into a tax write off. It's more political now than sacred. Now I'm only 26, but it seemed like at one point marriage actually meant something, that it was a big step that if it felt right, you went for it. Now its just like, 'hey want to get married'? It's like marriage has lost its meaning and sacredness.

BUT also, the way I see things with relationships and what not, it seems that we throw all these rules, regulations, excuses in the mix that it makes finding love that much more complicated. I really don't think finding someone to love should be so hard, but it is. Not to mention the rules to dating/relationships have changed since high school. I mean, I understand boundaries are needed, but some girls I have dated are real picky about them. Now I'm frightened that if I make one wrong move or step, I will blow the whole thing.

Anyway, it just seems that the more i go through the motions, the more difficult it seems. And I see it with friends, co-workers, and just random people. Given, everyone is different, but I see where couples let petty things get in the way of their marriages and relationships. I've listened to some co-workers of mine and why they got divorced. It's depressing because some of the reasons sound so petty. It sounds like they really didn't try to fix anything. I guess thats the thing that bothers me, is that I don't want to get with someone and they flake out on me over something petty. I want to find someone who will work at the relationship. Cuz, I know I will... if I ever find someone. =/

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