Hehe, I married for love. Financial security? Had none. Still have none. Neither of us finished college, we were (and are!) young and I was stubborn. I wanted to get married, and didn't care how. We had the cheapest wedding we could manage. I cooked the food for the reception, and my cousin DJed!

So yes, people still get married for love. Or what we think is love. Problem with marrying young like we did is things change. I lost my religion, for one, since then. We still have no money, live with my parents now. We still don't know how we can both pursue our very different career paths... but gosh darn it, we love each other!

Hehe. smile

Objectively though, I don't think it's wrong to marry for security. It's a very real issue and a very real need. It's very hard to live without financial security. It depends what need you need fulfilled more, personally. Do you need love, cuddling, snuggling, goo-goo type love? Or is your need for fulfillment found in feeling secure? We all fulfill ourselves differently and have no right to say someone else is in the wrong.