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the family was Bedouin from Jordan ~ they do not have a Western idea of love. What one might call love, there, was based on respect and knowing someone well for a long time, resulting in closeness. The Western idea of romantic love, he said, was regarded as a nonsense.

And maybe thats all love really is.. or should be. Nowadays, the media, movies, etc. bring about this idea of love that drive our expectations through the roof. We still don't know what love truly is, we can really only define a basis or a foundation for it. We're given the idea through childhood fairy tales and romantic movies that there's always a heighten sense of emotion... positive emotions. Emotions are supposed to run rampant through our bodies giving us this overwhelming sense of happiness. Sure the movies/books depict some conflict between the lovers, but its the passion they share that stems out from the rest. And I think thats where we misinterpret love. The movies don't include that fine line between passion and love.

Maybe all love is or needs to be is that general respect for each other resulting in a closeness. Its an everlasting friendship. Its a simple idea, and I'm sure as we've all experienced, friendship is one of the longest lasting types of relationships. I know i'm on the idea, of "best friend". I've always heard you usually marry your best friend. They're either your best friend before you get married, or become it later afterwards in some cases. Again, I realize true love is something you have to work at when you're in a relationship, but I just don't see why some times it gets so complicated... or why we make it out to be so complicated.

You may only be one person to the world
But you may also be the world to one person.