Here's my current routine:

Forward Standing Section
* Standing gently turning arm-flapping-like-open-coat-sleeves, 20 count, a la Kripalu.
* Moon pose, left and right
* Bend back, then bend forward to floor
* Tree pose, left and right
* Sun salutation, 2 rounds
... includes downward-facing dog, plank, cobra, and other poses

Side Standing Section
Warrior Pose II
... includes sub-poses like side angle pose
Warrior Pose I
Hanging triangle

Middle Section
Tucked squat
Lord of the Fishes left and right
Cat-Cow 10x
Extended Child Pose
Rolling Cat-Cow 10x
Extended Child Pose

Floor Section
Hurdler's Stretch, forward back, left right
Spinal twist - knee to one side, arm outstretched to other, left right
Dead bug pose
Bridge pose with very slow release
Lotus position, 5 halos each way, 5 nose circles each way

Lisa Shea, Owner